Welcome to my mixed media world.

I use all sorts of forlorn castaways to create my unique story boxes, colourful shrines and many irresistible magical worlds full of beautiful and impossible things. Each piece appears from old, unreadable, tattered and torn books, cards and all manner of other bits and bobs waiting patiently to be noticed and cherished once more. I purposefully seek out objects which have seen better days, always on the alert, and bring them together in ways that they would never expect, to give them a new and happy life.

Papier mache, fabric mache, sewing and painting  all play a part when I create my many worlds of magic and dreams.

I find inspiration in colourful objects, ribbons, beads, puppets, circus clowns, acrobats, fairy tales, toy theatre and  the tarot. But, be they great or be they small, it is animals which provides me with my greatest inspiration, they are so precious. When I see them, touch them or hear them I know they share the same feelings and understanding as us. I love them.

My world can also be peeked at on Instagram and on Etsy.


If you would like to contact me about my work, please feel free to contact me. You can email me at contact@bonitajoy.com or you can simply use the form below.

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